• I am currently working in collaboration with Agritask [a holistic ag-operations platform, designed to enable fact-based decision making for agricultural businesses] on a case-study focused on carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission accounting. Not only developing a baseline of emissions and sequestration, but evaluating the impact of different management options.


  • I have finished a desk study working with the CIMMYT, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center.  We have investigated the state-of-the art in nitrogen-use-as-fertiliser, including both current use ad policies, and the emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) derived from N-fertilisers use.
PAST WORK (most outstanding works):
  • [2021] I was a consultant for the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), FAOSEC division, working as “International Expert on GHG emissions and soil and fertilizer management”. Together with their team, I worked on a project estimating GHGs from croplands in Central Asia and Caucasus (publication in process), besides a second study about GHG emissions and soil and fertilizer management in Turkey.
  • [2018 - present] I have developed the Perennials-GHG model, a model to estimate carbon capture and greenhouse gas emissions from perennials crops, the first complete model of its kind and can work for any crop at a global scale (see research portfolio for details). The Cool Farm Alliance is working to incorporate this model in their internationally recognized greenhouse gas calculator the Cool Farm Tool .
  • [2021] The Perennials-GHG model has been also used in a joint project Cool Farm Alliance - Quantis in which I actively participate, and where a science-based methodology to Quantify carbon sequestration in perennial cropping systems was proposed. Technical report can be downloaded HERE
  • [2019-2021] I collaborated with the EcoWinery project, Eco-innovation for the production of low environmental footprint wine, a collaborative project with actors such us the Cyprus University of technology, the University of Aberdeen and the Cool Farm Alliance. I participated in the creation a decision tool for determining the carbon footprint and product environmental footprint (PEF) of wine
  • [2019- present] I have been a regular technical consultant for the Cool Farm Alliance helping them improving some of the algorithms they have behind the scenes. Besides, including some updates from the IPCC 2019 report.
  • [2016] I was a consultant for the “High Carbon Stock Study for the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto”, author of the chapter “review of forest inventory methods for estimating biomass carbon stocks", info here. The study aims to inform decision making on land conversion for oil palm plantings with reliable information on carbon emissions from Land Use Change and Sequestration and related socio-economic considerations.
  • [present] I am actively writing a blog to divulge scientific knowledge, focused on forests and climate change, with entries both in English and Spanish.
  • [present] I still collaborate with colleagues in different research projects around the world, my academic life is still active.




Alicia Ledo alicialedo@gmail.com