areas of knowledge and skills

Fields of knowledge: Forest ecology and dynamics (including tropical ecology and forest restoration); ecosystem functioning; biogeochemical cycles (especially carbon and nitrogen); soil carbon dynamics; agricultural systems (especially perennial crops); impact of climate change on ecosystems; carbon foot-printing and PEF standards

Data analysis: complex statistical analyses of large datasets (regression and multivariable techniques, spatial analysis, longitudinal and multi-census data). Experience in developing models, both empirical and mechanistic; Evaluation and analysis of trends, and using them to draft predictions

Programming languages and software: R (advanced); Python (data analysis, NumPy, Pandas, average user); QGIS (advanced); PostgreSQL (basic).

Language and collaborative networking: Multilingual communication, fluent in Spanish and English. Experience in living internationally and collaborating with individuals from many cultures with varied communication skills, work habits and expectations. I have an ample international professional network, with which I collaborate regularly.

Individual skills: Self-learning capacity and creativity; Multidisciplinary approach; I usually look at the big picture while carefully working on small details; Creative problem solving; Natural curiosity; Determination to complete tasks; I seek for robust, science- and data-based answers, as realistic and exact as possible.


Alicia Ledo