Carbon, biomass and Greenhouse gas accounting

The estimation of carbon stored in ecosystems is one of my main areas of knowledge. If you want me to help you with some of the following, please do not hesitate in trusting me:

  • Estimation of carbon stock in forest, agricultural, or agroforestry systems, both in the biomass and soil carbon (a snapshot). That will help you to know the amount of carbon stored in the trees and soils of your study area.


  • Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and carbon footprint from forest, agricultural, or agroforestry systems (a snapshot). This includes the estimation of not only carbon but nitrogen compound emissions. That will allow identifying the main GHGs contributors in your study area and thus develop science-based mitigation solutions.


  • Estimation of carbon sequestration potential and greenhouse gas emissions under different scenarios, including business as usual among them (a long-term prediction). This decision-making information will be very valuable in designing the optimal mitigation or adaptation strategies.


  • Design of inventories required to gather the data to estimate carbon stocks yourself, optimising the available resources to obtain the most accurate empirical information.


In every case, the accuracy of the results will depend upon the quality of the data provided or available. Please notice that I use the word estimation since I use mathematical modelling and not actual measurement data. As a norm I follow the United Nations - IPCC protocols, but happy to use the program or protocol you wish or need.


Please contact me if you have any further question, topic to discuss, or you require the use of my skill, experience and enthusiasm. I would be pleased to meet and help you.





Alicia Ledo