Environmental consulting


My consulting services include:

Estimation of carbon capture and CO2 emissions from forests and agricultural lands

 This information will show you the climate change mitigation potential options your product have. Besides, will help you in finding natural solutions and carbon monetisation.


Estimation of nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural systems

This information will allow you to understand the effect of your current agricultural management practises. Besides, will help you in developing more sustaintable farming practises.


Greenhouse gas emissions balance for forest, agricultural and agroforestry systems

This information will provide you a carbonfootprint value of your bussines as usual and some potential scenarios you would like to test or we could define together. This is the startpoint to define mitigation strategies to work towards or beyond a NetZero scenario.


 Informing decision-making strategies in forestry and agriculture, carbon accounting and greener management practices

I want to help you in defining strategies to meet your green targets



Please contact me if you have any futher question, topic to discuss, if you think that we could find some synergies to work together, or you require the use of my skill, experience and enthusiasm

I would be pleased to meet and help you


Alicia Ledo alicialedo@gmail.com