Environmental consulting, Decarbonization and netzero estrategies

I want to help you in defining strategies to meet your green targets. I offer a case-specific evaluation of the environmental impact of your activity followed by a list of potential scenarios and the impact (positive and/or negative) of each one. Besides, I can draw you a series of natural solutions to offset carbon, so to reduce your activities’ footprint achieving your decarbonization goals.

By and large, my consulting services include:

  • Quantification of current emissions (your start-point) and evaluation of potential reductions
  • Definition of science-based targets (STBi) decarbonization targets, quantifiable and achievable, for your activity, organization or product.
  • Definition of Mitigation Strategies (STBi), including compensation, to work towards or beyond a NetZero scenario.
  • Design of Natural Solution options to reduce the carbon footprint and/or define a more sustainable roadmap.
  • Informing decision-making strategies in farming and forestry systems  and development of more sustainable practises.         
  • Acquisition of the carbon data required for monetarisation and access to markets.


As a norm I follow the United Nations - IPCC protocols, but happy to use the progam or protocol you wish or need.

Please do not hesitate in emailing me if you want to discuss potential options, or you require the use of my skill, experience and enthusiasm. I would be pleased to meet and help you.


Alicia Ledo alicialedo@gmail.com