I put science and the latest knowledge to your service. I can guide you in understanding your natural system - forest or agricultural land -, and use that knowledge to define a more sustainable and NetZero future.

As a scientist and former academic, I am an experienced decision-maker and highly qualified researcher with a wide range of skills and a multidisciplinary background. Primarly, but not exclusively, I use mathematical models to explain carbon and nitrogen balance among plants, soils and the atmosphere.
I offer a range of services:


  • Assessment and evaluation of Carbon, nitrogen, greenhouse gas emissions. Those estimations will provide you with a value of carbon footprint and will be the startpoint to define mitigation strategies to work towards or beyond a NetZero scenario.


  • Informing decision-making strategies in forestry and agriculture , carbon accounting and greener management practices in agriculture, Environmental consulting to help you defining strategies to meet your green targets



  • Scientific research, I still have a foot rooted in academia and love colalborating in improving our understanding of the natural world


  •  Curses and talks about natural ecosystems functioning, carbon capture, and climate change mitigation options (bearing in mind I am a native Spanish speaker!)


  • I also offer Technical translation English-to-Spanish texts about Ecology, Climate change, or mountaineering


  • Further, I am very interested in discussing new areas, particularly those that use multidisciplinary approaches and are rooted on scientific evidence.


I am open to new collaborations/proposal. If you have any query or idea to discuss, please contact me.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.




Alicia Ledo