analysis and Modelling of ecological data, and scientific research

I still have a foot rooted in academia and love collaborating in improving our understanding of the natural world. Not only all my work is science-based and updated with the latest research, but I am also still actively contributing the developing new knowledge and actively publishing scientific papers (SCI Publications).

During my academic career, I specialised in modelling ecological data, including spatial data. Among my achievement, I have developed equations to estimate more precisely tree biomass and changes in soil organic carbon (see my research portfolio for more details: Academic research)

If you want to analyse some data, develop new methods, push forward our understanding of the natural world and eventually publishing new research, please do not hesitate in contacting me. This is a field I am highly passionate about.


Please do not hesitate in emailing me if you want to discuss potential options. I would be pleased to meet you.



Alicia Ledo