• I have developed a global model to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from perennials crops. This is a generic model that can be parametrised and used both for woody plants, i.e as stone trees or vineyards and agricultural grasslands, i.e sugarcane or miscanthus. This model is the first complete model of its kind. I am working with the Cool Farm Tool to incorporate the model in the online tool (coolfarmtool.org) it will be soon available.
  • I am working in the EcoWinery project (sustagric.weebly.com/ecowinery.html) creating a decision tool for determining the product environmental footprint (PEF) of wine, including eutrophication and winery practices. This project is being developed for Chipriot wines, but the resulting tool will have the potential to be used in any vineyard and winery.
  • I was a primary Consultant for the “High Carbon Stock Study for the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto”. In particular, in the chapter "Review of forest inventory methods for estimating biomass carbon stocks". The HCS Study was conducted by a technical committee of scientific experts, policy-makers, politicians, NGOs and the food industry (sustainability/beliefs-progress/high-carbon-stock) The study aims to inform decision making on land conversion for oil palm plantings with reliable information on carbon emissions from Land Use Change and Sequestration and related socio-economic considerations.
  • I am actively writing a blog to divulge scientific knowledge, focused on forests and climate change (ekonowsys.net/), with entries both in English and Spanish.
  • I still collaborate with colleagues in different research projects around the world, my academic life is still active.




Alicia Ledo alicialedo@gmail.com