Welcome and thank you for visiting my webpage!

I am a freelance scientist working as a consultant, with the will of bridging the gap between academy and the actual world: I put science to your service.

I use mathematical models to explain carbon and nitrogen balance among plants, soils and the atmosphere. That will assist you in defining a more sustainable and NetZero future.


 As a scientist and former academic with a multidisciplinary background, I offer a range of services:

  • Consulting about Carbon, Nitrogen, and greenhouse gas balance; also including natural solutions
  • Ecological Data Modelling, developing mathematical models to understand what happened or predict what will
  • Curses and talks,  sharing the latest knowledge and research on ecology and climate change mitigation, putting it in simple words that everyone can understand
You can meet me in the About me section and see some examples of my previous work in the Portafolio section. I am also the author of the popular science blog: ekonowsys.net/


Contact me if you think that we could find some synergies to work together.

Have a great day!


Alicia Ledo alicialedo@gmail.com